TRIactive walk

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Size: 35


The cushioning foot orthosis for hiking and walking tours

The TRIactive walk foot orthosis supports your feet during extended hiking and walking tours with its comfortable cushioning. Its active principle is based on the vertical arrangement of materials of varying firmness and their non-irritating connections (PowerWave technology). The white, firm material guides the heel and hindfoot at the top of the heel-to-toe roll. The dark blue, moderately rigid material supports foot arches and prevents the foot from sinking down too far, thus ensuring that valuable energy is not lost. At the same time, the soft, light blue material reduces pressure and load peaks in the forefoot and midfoot area. The wave-shaped serrations on the individual elements are particularly innovative. They give the TRIactive walk its striking "jigsaw puzzle" appearance. The assembly of the individual segments is so precise that you won't feel the connections against your foot. The soft foam foot orthosis absorbs any high ground reaction forces that may arise, and supports tiring muscles.

  • Supports your feet during hiking and walking tours as well as in your leisure time
  • PowerWave technology: innovative, vertical construction and striking appearance
  • Suitable for sports, hiking and comfort shoes
  • Flat-/Crinkle foot
  • Splay foot
  • Pressure redistribution to prevent local pressure peaks
  • Tenderness

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