Stretching after Running
Compression Sleeves

Stretching after Running

For many joggers, stretching is as much a part of running as lacing up running shoes and quite heavy legs from time to time. In this article, we want to look at what you should pay attention to whe...

WorkoutDownward Dog Leg Raise Variation

Downward Dog Leg Raise Variation

Searching for an exercise to strengthen and stretch your core, upper, and lower body? Add Downward Dog Leg Lifts to your workout. To help, Bauerfeind’s Sports Achilles Ankle Support provides extra ...

AchillesAchilles Tendon Pain after Running

Achilles Tendon Pain after Running

We usually only really notice it when it causes us problems, and yet it is the largest and one of the most important tendons in our body: the Achilles tendon. Most people know that it is named a...

trainingGet The Best Out Of Yourself At the Gym

Get The Best Out Of Yourself At the Gym

Why is optimal gym equipment so important? As an athlete, you want to push your boundaries and always give your best during training. By doing so, you put special emphasis on diversity and are cons...

WorkoutSingle Leg Squat Touch Workout

Single Leg Squat Touch Workout

The Single Leg Squat Touch is a movement that can help improve balance. This is a lower-body movement that can help improve balance, proprioception (or spatial awareness) and glute muscle strength....

knee supportSupport Your Knee At Every Workout

Support Your Knee At Every Workout

Bauerfeind Sports athletic braces improve movement control in the knee, helping you train longer and free of complaints.

Back SupportBack Brace for Fitness Training

Back Brace for Fitness Training

An effective training with Back Support Preparation means everything. In addition to having a good technique and a keen observation, you can also relieve your muscles and fascia in the back to alwa...

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