Best Braces & Supports For Football

For Pros, Amateurs And Spectators Alike, Football Is One The Fastest-Growing Sports In The Country And Across The World.


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Sports Ankle SupportSports Ankle Support
The Sports Ankle Support holds the ankle securely in place during longer sporting activities and protects against painful sprains. The... Sale price840 kr
Sports Compression Knee SleeveSports Compression Knee Sleeve
A great feeling helping your top performance! The Sports Compression Knee Sleeve is the perfect companion for virtually every sport. Thanks... Sale price480 kr
GenuTrain Knee BraceGenuTrain Knee Brace
The new-and-improved GenuTrain provides secure support for mild instability and relieves knee pain and swelling. With a new Omega+ pad,... Sale price1 249 kr
Sports Knee StrapSports Knee Strap
The Sports Knee Strap provides relief for the patellar tendon by delivering targeted compression below the kneecap during longer sporting... Sale price600 kr
Sports Knee SupportSports Knee Support
Sports Knee Support improves the movement of the knee during longer sporting activities through gentle, beneficial compression and protects against... Sale price1 020 kr
Sports Achilles SupportSports Achilles Support - Bauerfeind Australia
Don't let it stop you! With our brand new Achilles tendon support Sports Achilles Support, you get reliable protection for... Sale price720 kr
Sports Ankle Support DynamicSports Ankle Support Dynamic
The Sports Ankle Support Dynamic supports the ankle during long and intensive periods of sports training. Whether it’s running, walking,... Sale price600 kr
ErgoPad Insoles Ball & Racket (Pair)ErgoPad Insoles Ball & Racket (Pair)
Overview The ErgoPad® Insoles Ball & Racket orthopedic orthosis has been specially developed for match sports and racket sports such as... Sale price895 kr
Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves (Pair)Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves (Pair)
The Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves strengthen the muscles in the thigh through powerful compression. The compressive effect is based on... Sale price600 kr
MalleoTrain Plus Ankle BraceMalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace
The MalleoTrain Plus ankle support stabilizes the foot following twisting injuries and sprains as well as in cases of ligament... Sale price1 549 kr

Football requires quick, agile movements and long-lasting endurance, leaving players vulnerable to injury. Protecting yourself from pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and sprained joints is vital to keep you in the game. In addition to a good stretch and warm-up routine, wearing a quality, medical-grade compression product can give your body the oxygenating circulation and support to avoid common twists, pulls and tears.

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