ErgoPad Work Insoles

Sale price1 215 kr

Size: 35


Width: Slim


Style: Soft


Arches and splayfoot, arched foot or slightly arched foot: Those who have to stand for long periods of time, walk a lot or carry heavy loads in their daily work often suffer from foot and heel pain. The knees, hips, and back can also be affected. The ErgoPad® work insoles were specially developed for work safety shoes.

  • Supports the arch of the foot in case of work-related stress pain
  • Relieves the heel
  • Approved for a wide range of work safety shoes


  • Cover and top layer: Highest ESD conductivity due to woven carbon fibers in the polyester cover. Soft top layer made of ESD conductive foam (5 mm). 
  • Anatomically shaped pad: Supports the natural arch of the foot behind the metatarsophalangeal joints
  • Flexible insole core: In three different strengths, the flexible insole core supports the longitudinal arch, supports the torsional moment and guides the step optimally
  • Undercover: Largest possible, non-slip contact area with the shoe; consists of conductive EVA

The ErgoPad work shoe insole is certified with numerous work shoe models from various manufacturers. A plastic core supports the arch of the foot and relaxes the tendons on the underside of the foot. ErgoPad work: h relieves stress especially in the case of heel pain thanks to its softly padded recess in the heel area. ErgoPad work: x, on the other hand, supports the natural rolling of the foot through a special structure of the core.

  • Arch feet / splayfoot
  • Buckle foot
Accompanying Indications 1
  • Slight expression of a hollow foot *
  • Knee joint / back problems

1 Depending on the severity of the foot, knee or back deformity

Special Features
  • Suitable for everyday life, work and leisure, especially when walking and standing for long periods of time

Care Instructions

The surfaces can be wiped clean using a mild cleaner/disinfectant (apart from leather top covers)

Do not machine-washable

Do not expose to direct heat (heater, direct sunlight

Life Span
  • High-quality and durable materials mean that the foot orthoses remain serviceable even after prolonged use – but this does fundamentally depend on the load
  • We recommend that the functional properties should be checked regularly (after a maximum of 6 months)

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