ErgoPad Redux Hallux Insoles - Pair

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Width: Wide Long


Size: 38


Side: Right & Left


The ErgoPad® redux hallux orthopedic orthosis primarily aids the conservative treatment of hallux limitus and hallux rigidus – the restriction of movement or stiffening of the metatarsophalangeal joint. The foot orthosis provides rapid relief for the painful area. This relieving effect is provided by the incorporated "redux" reinforcement element, which is positioned directly underneath the metatarsophalangeal joint and – to ensure the flat positioning of the forefoot – runs along the outer part of the ball of the foot.

  • Relieves the big toe joint
  • Reduces painful rashes when walking
  • Restricts toe movement 



  • High-quality microfiber top cover containing antibacterial silver ions for optimal hygiene in the shoe
  • PU cushion layer


  • Anatomically contoured pad


  • Butterfly-shaped core which provides optimal support for the metatarsal area without making the orthosis too rigid.
  • Provides relief for the painful area; prevents supination of the forefoot; prevents the foot from being levered out of the shoe.


  • Cordura nylon – a long-lasting contact layer between the orthosis and the shoe

The ErgoPad redux hallux orthopedic orthosis from Bauerfeind limits the movement of the metatarsophalangeal joint in the push-off phase and thus provides immediate relief during painful walking movements. To restrict movement, a reinforcement element made from high-quality, permanently flexible plastic is incorporated into the foot orthosis. This element is positioned underneath the metatarsophalangeal joint and runs along the outer forefoot area and to the tip of the big toe. The thin PU cushion layer cushions the foot and distributes forces occurring underneath the forefoot.


The foot orthosis is optimally adjusted to suit the symptoms of hallux limitus/hallux rigidus. The ErgoPad redux hallux can be used for conservative treatment or to supplement therapy. Wearing the foot orthosis may make it possible to successfully delay other more invasive measures such as pain medication and/or surgery. The ErgoPad redux hallux is available in sizes ranging from 35 to 48 and two different widths to ensure fit and comfort for most people. It is designed to fit in most shoes as long as they have a removable inlay that is approximately 3-4 mm thick and is of an equivalent width. Since restrictions of movement in the metatarsophalangeal joint caused by osteoarthritis do not necessarily effect both feet at the same time, the ErgoPad redux hallux can be supplied with the reinforcement element positioned for either the left or the right foot, combined with a complementary orthosis reduced to accommodate the reinforcing element - and of course, it can also be supplied with reinforcement on both sides if required.

  • Suitable for people with hallux limitus/hallux rigidus in one foot or both feet (restriction of movement or stiffening of the metatarsophalangeal joint)

Special Features
  • High-quality synthetic foot orthosis with a low construction height
  • Special "redux" reinforcement element running underneath the metatarsophalangeal joint up to the outer part of the ball of the foot.

Care Instructions

The surfaces can be wiped clean using a mild cleaner/disinfectant (apart from leather top covers)

Do not machine-washable

Do not expose to direct heat (heater, direct sunlight

Life Span
  • High-quality and durable materials mean that the foot orthoses remain serviceable even after prolonged use – but this does fundamentally depend on the load
  • We recommend that the functional properties should be checked regularly (after a maximum of 6 months)

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