ErgoPad Insoles Run & Walk (Pair)

Sale price895 kr

Color: Blue
Size: 35


Running, hiking and walking are popular leisure activities. And they all have one thing in common: they place a strain on the foot, particularly as it hits the ground and during the push-off phase. Thanks to its cushioning, the ErgoPad® Insoles Run & Walk orthosis really helps soften these kinds of impact in the forefoot and hindfoot area. This makes things much more comfortable for the wearer, while the flexible Weightflex® core provides gentle support for the foot arches and thereby improves the natural dynamics of the foot when walking and running.

    • Offers greater comfort
    • Stimulates the foot muscles and improves motor function
    • Top cover kills bacteria and thus inhibits odors


    • Durable forefoot and hindfoot cushioning
    • Sensory-motor spots – stimulate the foot muscles
    • Functional top cover – is antibacterial and inhibits odors
    • Weightflex® technology – the natural movement of the foot when running

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