LumboTrain straight Back Brace

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Color: Titan
Size: 1


Lumbago, sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD): there are many names for pain in the lower back. LumboTrain® orthopedic braces can help. The triangular friction pad in the support provides a stimulating massage effect to the muscles of the lower back with every movement to help to reduce tension in the lumbar region and relieve pain.

  • Supports and massages the muscles of the lower back
  • For treating pain and tension
  • Comfortable, breathable knitted fabric


  • Pain-relieving intermittent compression massage through the combined effect of the stimulating knitted fabric and the lumbar pad with pronounced frictional nubs
  • Relief and stabilization of the lumbar spine through the lumbar pad mimicking manual therapy by a physical therapist
  • Special high-low knitted fabric with breathable comfort zones increases skin contact for secure positioning and extensive stimulation of the body’s own stabilization processes
  • Feathered edge on the abdominal fastening ensures great wearing comfort when walking, standing and sitting down
  • Practical hand straps and good elasticity allow easy donning of the support with minimal effort and ensure it fits the body’s contours snugly

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